Tuesday, March 28, 2006

refractions of the emerging church movement

As a rural outsider looking in, this is my attempt to participate in the wider conversation about the
emerging church. The emerging church refers to a
movement that is trying to rethink what, where, and how Christians could meet and act corporately in the
light of our current postmodern condition.

The emerging church movement arose during the 1990s out of frustration with the irrelevance of much that passes
as church, coupled with a desire to take seriously the teachings, acts, and person of Jesus. There is a nice
(i.e. brief!) Wikipedia article that defines what the emerging church is about.

The "Red Herring" title subverts my own thoughts (and its seriousness) in an ironic way. At the same time,
the title suggests that both my own contributions and the comments of others could well also be irrelevant.

In this way, "herring" indicates irreverence, irrelevance, and yet immanence.

There is also a tenuous connection with the Christian fish symbol. The herring has additional symbolic meanings
- including prosperity (Scotland), abstinence (France of the Middle Ages).

As the herring family occurs in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the title also signals for me a global unity.

If you have any questions, let's talk!


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